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Photo by Marc J. Franklin


Hi, I'm Ashley Wool, an actress chiefly of the musical theatre variety.


You probably know me best as Jessica, the boldly confident dragon enthusiast of the original "Spectrum Club 7" in How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway. Or "the one in the pink spinny dress from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade." Or "the one from your targeted ads who stands on the bed and screlts her face." (Just so we're clear, the biggest acting challenge of my career so far is pretending I'm okay with standing on my bed wearing my outside shoes.)

Beyond that (or rather, in conjunction with that), you may know me as a writer and speaker about autistic self-advocacy and disability justice in the performing arts. I've guest-authored pieces for BroadwayWorld and OnStage Blog, and discussed my experiences on panels and podcasts.

If you've spent some time on the community and regional theatre scene in Westchester County and the tri-state area, you might have seen me as a roller-skating demigoddess, a reluctant patter-singing fiancee, a tap-dancing alien acolyte, or a W-O-M-A-N, among other things.

When I'm not doing that stuff, I'm probably petting my cats.

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