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Photo by Marc J. Franklin


Hi, I'm Ashley Wool, an actress chiefly of the musical theatre variety. Here are some things you might know me from:


Most of you probably know me best as Jessica, one of the original "Spectrum Club 7" in How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway, aka: the one in the pink spinny dress from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the one who stands on the bed and screlts her face, the one with the bedazzled sword, and--perhaps most distinctively--the one who wants to talk about dragons.

You may also know me as a writer and panel-speaker about autistic self-advocacy and disability justice in the performing arts. I've written extensively about the impact of arts in education, particularly for neurodivergent students. I even registered April 24 (the anniversary of my high school's production of Footloose) as National High School Theatre Day because really, how was that not already a thing?

If you've spent some time on the community and regional theatre scene in Westchester County and the tri-state area, you might have seen me embodying a wide variety of characters, including: a roller-skating demigoddess, a reluctant patter-singing fiancee, a tap-dancing groupie of a gender-fluid alien, and a soul-screlting zealot of Jesus Christ.

If you're a very specific flavor of nerd, you might have caught my guest appearances on not one but FOUR episodes of a Homestar Runner-focused podcast called Come On, Fhqwhpods! I also I sang a power ballad intro song on the 100th episode of said podcast, which centered on the Strong Bad email entitled "dragon." Which means that, two and a half years before I sang "don't get me started on dragons" on an original Broadway cast recording, I sang a song whose entire purpose was to get a bunch of people started on dragons. There's definitely a metaphor in there somewhere.

I currently live in Manhattan, where I'm represented professionally by the fine folks at CESD, and represented personally by Lady Chevron and Lord Texaco of Catcondoshire, proud founding felines of Actors' Eqkitty Association.

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