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Photo by Matthew Murphy

Hi, I'm Ashley Wool, and I am an actress, chiefly of the musical theatre variety, who has also been known to moonlight as a pop singer/songwriter. The Industry People™ say that this bio section is where I'm supposed to answer the question, what is my "type?"

As a tiny baby actressling, I labored under the misconception that it was a good idea to pay people to answer that question for me. This misconception turned out to have tragic consequences.

After one fateful showcase performance of mine, an agent anonymously wrote on my feedback sheet, "can't tell if you're a man-eater or a comedienne."

Legend has it, this was his first introduction to the possibility that women can be more than one thing, and actors can play more than one thing. And try as he did to scrape together the broken pieces of the imagination he had as a child in an effort to make sense of these concepts, it was no use. Pondering the question "man-eater or comedienne?" ultimately drove this agent to insanity, and he vanished into the forests of Queens, never to be seen or heard from again.

Some say he still haunts the elevator of 244 West 54th on the floors where Nola and Shetler Studios used to be...but that elevator has always been wonky, so no one really knows for sure.

I know you just wanted me to make up some crap like "Ashley Wool is the effusively effervescent lovechild of Kerry Butler and Patti LuPone with a dash of Zooey Deschanel thrown in for good measure," but I like the ghost story better.

Anyway, I'm on Broadway. Come see our show. It's really good.

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